Growing up in the rural town of
Escondido in southern California,
when the pace of life was simpler and
slower gave Yvonne plenty of opportunity
to absorb the beauty of life around her.
It awakened an innate talent for
creative expression at a tender young
age, and led her on to receive a
Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from the
prestigious Art Center College of Design
in Pasadena, California. Yvonne’s joy
is to be able to express, artistically, her
unique interpretation of the GOoDness
and beauty she encounters everyday.
“I favor using bright colors to enhance
the interplay between positive and
negative shapes, and create bold lines,
which cohesively entwine the subject
and background together. My focus is
on the whole space of the painting,
building layers of color and texture as
I work with contrast, hues, and
composition. Wherever I am, I look at
my surroundings with painting in mind,
absorbing color combinations and
intriguing compositions. My paintings
are expressions of me, and how I see
our world.”